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Exhibitor Insight Ep. 16 - U Ace Inc. at SEMA 2018

Episode 16: U Ace Inc.

Episode 16 of Exhibitor Insight features Kyle from U Ace Inc. at SEMA 2018. Kyle introduces the newest products from the company this year, and we discover their secret for overcoming certain challenges that they faced during the trade show.

Although U ACE INC is an experienced brand when it comes to trade shows, they faced and got over challenges during the show like every other brand. Our mission was to create a booth which enabled showcasing a high number of products. Here are some of the challenges Kyle from U ACE INC mentions in the video:

Successful Demo Stations
If your products need a demonstration, it is crucial to have demo benches in your booth, but as Kyle says in the video when you have a high number of products for demo benches, it becomes harder to give each one of them the space they need. Planning before the show precisely and bringing the products you need to showcase in your booth requires flawless communication between your team members.
Team Work and Communication
Trade shows are always dynamic and fast-paced organizations. To keep up with speed, your team’s communication should be seamless. All of the team members should have in-depth knowledge of products and services that are presented in the show.
Improving Brand Presence
From your crew’s clothes to the graphics on your display, everything should be in harmony, creating an impeccable brand image.