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  • Tension Fabric Modular Exhibit Structure System
  • 3M Certified UV Curale Printed Graphics
  • 12' Tall Fabric Tower Centerpiece
  • 2 Side Fabric Tower Structures
  • Rigid Graphic Accents
  • Chip Wall Conference Wall
  • 2 Oval-shaped Sintra Panel Messaging Areas
  • Oval-shaped Fabric Reception Counter
  • 8' Tall "Potato Chip" Shaped, Curved Fabric Wall
  • Monitor Mounts & Display Lighting Included
  • 3 TV's
  • Packs in 1 WOODCRATE-H
  • Includes Standard 20x20 Carpet
  • An airy floor plan encourages maximum traffic flow into this 20' x 20' island exhibit! Formulate® Fusion Kit 06 features structures that combine the latest developments in fabric printed technology with heavy-duty aluminum frames to create a space that fosters great traffic flow and conversation areas. The 12' tall center fabric tower is connected to two 9' tall fabric towers via exposed aluminum tube. Oval-shaped sintra panels are located on front and back sides of the aluminum tubes providing four messaging and branding areas. An oval-shaped fabric reception counter provides a fashionable, yet functional greeting area. Additionally, an 8' tall "potato chip" shaped, curved fabric wall creates a semi-private conference/meeting area or projection wall within the space. Six monitor mounts are included. Internal LED light kits are not included, but can be purchased a la carte to add a glow within the three tower structures.

Additional Info

  • Size: 20X20
  • Material: Hybrid
  • Industries: Automotive, Construction, Electronic, Fashion, Food, Medical, Manufacture , Service, Technology
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