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U Ace Inc. & Varro Wheels at SEMA 2018

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U Ace Inc.

U Ace's exhibit design was a very strong one for many reasons. For one, its unique irregular structure allows it to stand out and leave a memorable impression in the minds of attendees. Furthermore, the consistent design themes that are prevalent throughout the structure strengthens its brand identity. The information counter that sits at the front of the exhibit, for example, matches with the rest of the structure and ties everything together, creating a more unified look. Lastly, the large lightbox that sits at the back of the structure, coupled with the illuminated product display area, creates a very effective lighting situation for the entire space.

Varro Wheels

Varro Wheels' wanted a straightforward design that would be able to present their wide array of products in the most effective way possible. Instead of creating a straight backwall that only covers one side of their display space, we decided to implement a curved backwall that wraps around the booth. This would allow their products to be seen from more than one angle, thus increasing the field of vision and maximizing exposure.